How to Fix A Broken Water Heater And Which One to Buy At The First Place?

Water Heater

Water heaters are considered as one of the most vital commodity in our households. With increasing effect of global warming, the atmospheric temperature fluctuates very frequently. Water heaters come to our rescue. Good amount of care is taken to keep the heater running smoothly. This article from plumber Toronto will tell you, how your heater works, what are the possible flaws in its working and the steps that need to be taken to fix them. Also what kind of heater will suit your house the best?

In a water heater we expect cold water to enter and hot water to come out. The circuit inside consists of a heating element which rises the temperature of the water, a thermostat by adjusting it we can decide the degree of rise in temperature and most importantly the circuit breaker which saves the appliance from short circuit when there is overload. The life expectancy of a water heater is not more than ten years. It’s always advisable to buy a new one instead of spending a great deal of money into repairing the old one. But certain problems associated with heaters can be easily be solve with a little information and knowledge about the equipment.

Over heating of water

The thermostat is the device which decides the temperature of the water which exits. Now many a time, the water through the outlet is over heated or the temperature is low as expected. In such cases the thermostat should be checked. According to my Mississauga plumbing experience, the thermostat needs to be manually altered, for the desired temperature of water to come out.

Breakdown of heater

If there is no temperature change in the water through the inlet and the water through the outlet; one believes it’s time to change the heater. But before you make your mind to buy a new one there might be another aspect to the inconvenience. There’s an inbuilt safety device in every heater, called the circuit breaker. When there is voltage overload, the excess current passes through this circuit breaker and the circuit is broken. Thus it saves from the burn out of the appliance. So simply replacing the circuit breaker or checking it, if it needs a replacement is mandatory. And if the appliance is more than 10 years old, it needs replacement of the whole unit by calling a plumber.

Lowering of water pressure

The quality of water varies in every area. With time there is sedimentation of scales in the out let and inlet of the water heater. Thus it takes ages to heat up a certain volume of water. Periodic cleaning should be done, but under no circumstances the appliance should be opened . Only with proper supervision of professional it has to be done. To escape from this, water strainers with proper pore size can be installed in the inlet parts.

Water heaters are comparatively sensitive machine. Extra effort is always needed to keep it in shape. Following the above tips, will definitely help it run smoothly.