Outdoor Plumbing Maintenance: Hose, Faucet, Irrigation, Gutter System, And Many More

Owners with huge backyards or a garden with landscaping need to be very vigilant and careful about the maintenance of outdoor plumbing. Looking after outdoor plumbing is as important as indoor plumbing and should not be neglected.

Some useful tips to remember


Source: Flickr/acute_tomato
Source: Flickr/acute_tomato

All owners owning a beautiful garden for sure have at least one hose for watering the plants. As summer approaches, hose is used multiple times in a week to water the plants. Each time you wrap it back or leave it as such, make sure to check for any crack or leak. These will cause waste of water to a large extent. Winter is another season to check and recheck as any crack will increase if water happens to freeze inside. Specially, when temperature reaches the freezing point, unscrew outside hose and empty it of any water inside.


Source: Flickr/Michael & Sophia
Source: Flickr/Michael & Sophia

Outdoor faucets and spigots are also to be checked every month as they bear harsh temperature throughout the year. They should be inspected every month for any kind of crack, leakage or steady dripping. Ensure that you fix these problems as soon as possible. During winters, outdoor faucets are prone to freeze if water is left inside. Use winterizing covers to protect the faucets when the temperature drops to freezing point as frozen pipes can expand and tend to crack. It is also important to check the flow of water. If you find the pressure of water inconsistent, there are chances of blockage due to debris. Apart from this, the washer, the inside valve, the aerator, the spigot or inside of the faucet spout can be the potential culprit.


Source: Flickr/Ronan
Source: Flickr/Ronan

As we all know that hose is a very common and simple tool for irrigation and is semi effective for huge gardens. Many owners have sprinklers or drip irrigation installed in their gardens. These hi-tech systems, that are less time consuming, very convenient and highly effective methods are however, made of many pipes and tubes spread all over the garden. Thus, it becomes very important to keep a thorough check of this system.


Source: Flickr/La Citta Vita
Source: Flickr/La Citta Vita

Gutter is the central part of outdoor plumbing infrastructure. Gutter system should be checked every three months, for clogged leaves, debris and twigs. Remove the debris, else you could risk having excess water pour out over your gutters and onto the roofing and sides of your house. If the cleaning becomes too often, you can install gutter guards which are easily available at any hardware store.


Source: Flickr/Andy Rogers
Source: Flickr/Andy Rogers

In case you have a septic tank in your yard, learn to take good care. Any foul smell around or a patch of ground wetter than normal calls for an alarm.


Rusty Pipes

Any crack or leakage in outdoor pipes requires immediate repair or replacement depending on the condition. Any crack in pipe during winters can’t be ignored as water freezing inside the pipe will increase the size of the crack. This can even cause damage to the concrete. Be sure to check the pipe lines while cleaning the sidewalks or collecting leaves. Roots can be the biggest destroyer of pipe lines. Few applications available in the market can retard the growth of roots in the drain line.

If you are not able to handle any issues at your own, think of taking professional plumber help available very easily.

Know Which Pipe to Install In Your Drainage Systems

Drainage system installations are one time investment. Any mega construction requires the basic stage of design of the drainage system. Now when designing such a system, the material selection for the pipe plays a very crucial role. The skeleton of the system is to be built with pipes. There are various important factors that come into play when selecting the type of pipe, material of pipe and the shape of the pipe to be selected. So, we will discuss the various types of pipes that one can select according to their purposes as prescribed by plumber Toronto.

Material Selection

When it comes to drainage system, certain prerequisite for the pipe material are:

  • It has to be water tight to avoid leakage
  • It has to smooth to avoid turbulence
  • It has to have the ability to handle rough handling and abrasions.
  • Most crucial of all is the tolerance for range of temperatures.
  • Then comes the pressure tolerance, the ability to withstand required hydraulic pressure is important.

The chief property of water is, corrosion property. Corrosion is a very fast process which eats through the metal and creates pores, and makes the pipe brittle. So above all, the pipe material has to resist internal corrosion which is due to the interaction of liquid with the metal, and eternal corrosion which is due to contact of the external atmosphere or soil with water.

Some of the common pipes that one can select from are to be discussed further

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  1. Cast iron soil pipe and fittings-This kind of pipes are heavier. The best property of this pipe is, the joints are leak proof, and are flexible. The joints of the pipes can also be combined with rubber joints.
  2. Rainwater pipes and fittings-These are cast iron pipes. They are cheaper than soil pipes. These are used for rainwater. The joints in these pipes are made of sand and cement.
  3. Cast iron pipe with coupling joint– This has a combination of iron and rubber sleeve.
  4. PVC pipes-Polyvinylchloride is a polymer and is widely used in the construction of pipes through out the world. According to plumber Toronto, these pipes come in varying range of they are very light and flexible, which makes portability and handling easy. But then with applied external load, they tend to deform very easily. These pipes are resistant to external and internal corrosion but they might react with certain chemicals.
  5. Galvanized Steel Pipe-These pipes are highly resistant to corrosion. This is mostly adopted for water supply.
  6. Lead pipes-Plumbing is derived from the word Plum bum, which is the scientific name for the element Lead (Pb). Lead pipes are being used since time immemorial. They are highly resistant to corrosion from action of acids, alkalis or other metals. But a major drawback with this kind of pipe is, lead is soluble in water and it can contaminate the water. Thus it is strongly recommended not to use this and instead go for copper and PVC pipes.

Thus with range of options available, one should select very wisely so as to avail smooth functioning of the installed systems.

DIY Tricks Not Helping You Out? Know When To Call Professional Plumbers

Nobody wants to depend on others for what they think themselves capable. Self-reliance has made people reluctant to employ professional help where required. But people must realize that lulling yourself into believing that you can handle each and every situation is often harmful. Even if you have worked on repairs and know a bit or two about maintenance, it is still advisable to call upon professional workers to handle complex situations. After all, there are times when online videos and do-it-yourself just don’t cut it. Moreover, it is best to apply for professional assistance to help save yourself time and trouble.

Some problems are easy to handle, and then there are those which need to be tackled with a resourceful and nifty approach. Here we discuss some of the episodes where it is prudent to go for specialized aid:

Sewer line stoppage 

If you have exhausted all the options at your disposable to get your gutter route to drain out appropriately, yet holdups are glaringly obvious, you possibly have a wicked lump in the line that runs outside of the foremost outlet. Natural foliage and leaves are often the culprits. Rather than dirty your hands to clear the clogging, call a qualified cleaning service with certified employees. That way, if there is any damage in the course of the repair, they would sort it out free of cost.

Your pipes are frozen

This is a major problem during the winters and veritably a plumbing terror. Anyone who has ever dealt with frozen pipes will straight away know that it’s advisable to call a plumber right away. If you haven’t had the occasion to face such adversity earlier, count your blessings and call the pros now. It’s wise to bring in a professional before a frozen pipe cracks or bursts, rather than attempting a do-it-yourself thawing.A burst pipe can ruin your belongings along with your entire day and efforts. Never leave it to chance; plumber Toronto can handle it easily and efficiently.

Extensive water line damage (usually caused by freezing)

Repairing the problem can take up much of your valuable time. It is way more productive and practical to have a certified plumber Toronto come up to your place and do the needful so that you can make time and earn money at your regular job.

No hot water

It’s quite simple what has happened, but even if the hot water tank is leaking, it may take some time to get to the heart of the problem. It can simply be the case of a bad heating element if you own an electric tank, or a tripped circuit breaker or blown fuse, a faulty thermostat, or a bad overload switch. On gas heaters, thermocouple burners and igniters can fail.

Your toilet’s clogged and the plunger isn’t helping

Other than burst pipes, there is nothing so problematic or knotty that cannot be handled. Here the underlying problem can be that the outlet sewage unit is just too big for any traditional plunger nozzle device. In this case, it is quite fruitful to leave the matter to the plumber in Mississauga. That way, you can get maximum results in minimum time.

Following these simple strategies, you can find your way out of any murky or muddy scenario. So, don’t wait. Just pick up the phone and dial that plumber to come and put a palm on those pipes.

How to Fix A Broken Water Heater And Which One to Buy At The First Place?

Water heaters are considered as one of the most vital commodity in our households. With increasing effect of global warming, the atmospheric temperature fluctuates very frequently. Water heaters come to our rescue. Good amount of care is taken to keep the heater running smoothly. This article from plumber Toronto will tell you, how your heater works, what are the possible flaws in its working and the steps that need to be taken to fix them. Also what kind of heater will suit your house the best?

In a water heater we expect cold water to enter and hot water to come out. The circuit inside consists of a heating element which rises the temperature of the water, a thermostat by adjusting it we can decide the degree of rise in temperature and most importantly the circuit breaker which saves the appliance from short circuit when there is overload. The life expectancy of a water heater is not more than ten years. It’s always advisable to buy a new one instead of spending a great deal of money into repairing the old one. But certain problems associated with heaters can be easily be solve with a little information and knowledge about the equipment.

Over heating of water

The thermostat is the device which decides the temperature of the water which exits. Now many a time, the water through the outlet is over heated or the temperature is low as expected. In such cases the thermostat should be checked. According to my Mississauga plumbing experience, the thermostat needs to be manually altered, for the desired temperature of water to come out.

Breakdown of heater

If there is no temperature change in the water through the inlet and the water through the outlet; one believes it’s time to change the heater. But before you make your mind to buy a new one there might be another aspect to the inconvenience. There’s an inbuilt safety device in every heater, called the circuit breaker. When there is voltage overload, the excess current passes through this circuit breaker and the circuit is broken. Thus it saves from the burn out of the appliance. So simply replacing the circuit breaker or checking it, if it needs a replacement is mandatory. And if the appliance is more than 10 years old, it needs replacement of the whole unit by calling a plumber.

Lowering of water pressure

The quality of water varies in every area. With time there is sedimentation of scales in the out let and inlet of the water heater. Thus it takes ages to heat up a certain volume of water. Periodic cleaning should be done, but under no circumstances the appliance should be opened . Only with proper supervision of professional it has to be done. To escape from this, water strainers with proper pore size can be installed in the inlet parts.

Water heaters are comparatively sensitive machine. Extra effort is always needed to keep it in shape. Following the above tips, will definitely help it run smoothly.

Fix a Clogged Drain with Easy Plumbing Tips

A clog drain is certainly a concern for the homeowners. Given that a blocked drain causes sanitation issues and other similar problems, it’s important to fix it at the earliest. But, it’s also true that the chemical drain cleaners use caustic chemicals such as Sodium Hydroxide (Caustic Lye) or reclaimed sulfuric acid (Battery Acid), which generate excessive heat. The gas exudes from this sometimes become harmful. To deal with this use safer method and easy plumbing tips by Plumber Toronto.

Use a Plunger

A plunger, is often called a “plumber’s friend”, as it clear up the clogged drain effectively like the professional plumbers do. Purchase a plunger, if you do not have one, before you start with the cleaning option. Believe it or not, you can get the perfect finish like the professional work

With a plunger, you can get the best suction as possible. When you are cleaning the clogged double sink, it’s important to plug the other sink with a stopper or wet rag. Place a petroleum jelly on the plunger to get a tighter fit and better suction. Now comfortably place the plunger onto the drain and push down. Pull back a little further to increase pressure, but make sure that you do not break the seal. Perform this 10 to 15 times until the water keep rushing into the drain. And you are done.

If the first trial does no bring any effective result, repeat this process several times.You need to perform other methods with a plunger, if this does not work. To try out the other methods, first of all, locate your trap under the sink. Now, simply remove the clean-out plug and extract all the accumulated dirt and grime that’s possibly causing the clogged pores. With some minor working knowledge of plumbing, you can easily perform this job. However, you can also call a professional plumber if you are not confident enough to do it on your own.

Using Natural Enzymes

There’s another cause of clogged pores which happens due to the excessive accumulation of bio-film. It’s a glue like substance that holds the drain and hence dirt and grime get accumulated in the pores causing them clogged. The best way to clean this is using natural enzymes in the clogged pores, which will eventually destroy the bio-film thus allowing the pores to drain out the accumulated dirt. However, you can easily tackle the annoying plumbing issue by using the right kind of enzyme. With the help of effective natural enzymes, all the drain build ups turn into harmless liquids. As a result, they can easily pass down through the drain. You can also use natural enzyme to keep the home’s plumbing systems clean, safe and sanitized for an extended period of time. Keep using this twice a month for best result.

While cleaning the clogged drain is easy enough with the right kind of tools, it’s also true that some annoying problems demand professional touch. So, check out if the drains of your house really need that. Plumber Toronto can be extremely helpful in these conditions.

Stylish Bathrooms – Get The Perfect New Faucet

Bathroom faucet

While most of us spend a fortune decorating the living room, bedrooms, and kitchen within our homes, many a times we forget to get the perfect accessories for our bathrooms. Trust me when I say, an elegant and stylish bathroom can have as good an impression as the looks of other parts of the house on your guests.

However, if you thought remodeling a bathroom is going to be quite a big job, you are in for a surprise. The secret behind a really stylish washroom is selecting right accessories with the help of Plumber Toronto. I will, however, focus on one particular part within your bathroom that catches most attention. It is the sink and sink faucet.

A seemingly non-incidental part of the bathroom can actually be the difference between whether or not leaving a lasting impression on your guests. Those who are not too much into shopping of bathroom accessories and fittings will be in for a surprise when they check out various types of sink faucets available. Variety in this category is enough to leave anyone amazed. Different types of faucets will vary in terms of finish, style, and functioning. As per your budget and look of the bathroom as well as the sink, you should choose the faucet that blends in.

If this is a new home and your have just begun interior decoration, the job of finding right bathroom fittings becomes a breeze. All you have got to do is select the look that you prefer and you get an entire set of fittings, which will include the faucet as well, that blends with the design. Whether you choose to keep the look a little antique or contemporary, or prefer a more designer feel, there are faucets of all types available.

For those who already have their home and bathroom designed and need to change the sink faucet, it’s going to be a more careful selection process. Unless you are planning on stripping down the bathroom and going for a complete remodeling (which I personally don’t suggest, unless the bathroom looks really dull), you should check out the faucets that will blend in best with your bathroom’s look and style. This should not be much of a problem if you find the right plumbing and bathroom fittings supplier like Plumber Toronto. There are numerous options available, covering almost every type of design and look. All it takes is the right choice.

It is not only the look that you should be looking out for. There are faucets with various functionalities. I personally suggest hands-free design as it is hygienic, elegant, stylish, and gives the person using it a sense of cleanliness. Another important point to consider is fitting. If you are replacing an old faucet, choose the one that will fit in the existing spot.

Professional plumbing service providers will be able to help you with these technical details. Make sure to opt for the best. At the end of the day, it is your bathroom that you are investing in. As the owner you should be proud of it.

Common Plumbing Problems Which Can Be Solved Within Minutes!


We all face certain plumbing problems in our homes, offices and other places which give us hard time and we then call for professional plumbers to get them fixed. However, there are quite a few such problems which can be solved within minutes of appearance if we apply some smartness.

In this blog post, I’ll provide the home remedies (as suggested by Plumber Toronto) of a few kitchen and bathroom plumbing problems which were haunting you for long.

One of the most common plumbing problems is clogged drains. Drainage systems suffer clogging due to a variety of reasons. The most important thing to do when you first notice a clogged drain is not to clog it anymore. It means, stop every washing that is going on, and stop any flow of water to the drains. Now, what 90% of is do is to call a plumber which is a good choice given we don’t have any proved expertise in the plumbing area.

But, we can at least try to unclog them before seeking out for professional help. The best solution of unclogging the drainage system is my favorite Cable Auger. It is the most result oriented approach which is primarily used by professional plumbers but any handyman can also give it a try. First, take an empty bucket / storage and put it beneath the clogged pipe / sink. Now, take out the J-joint which connects the clogged pipe to the main pipe. Use a cable auger inside the stub pipe and spin it in clockwise direction. Upon spinning the frank, you’ll successfully remove the clogged particles and this will successfully solve the problem.

How many of you have suffered from a flooded basement? Let me tell you this clearly that there is no way an amateur can fix a flooded basement as it is a highly risky activity and without professional plumber help, you can further damage the whole arrangement. You must be cursing me right now, right? Why this guy had mentioned an important problem if he doesn’t even have the fix for it. Calm down guys, I don’t have the fix because there isn’t any. What I can tell you is how to stop the flooding right there in the basement and prevent it from further damaging your entire flooring.

First of all, stop every flow of water and cut it out from the source itself. This way, the water level in the flooded basement won’t rise and become stable. DO NOT use any toilets, bathrooms, or wash utensils until the problem gets fixed because chances are the drainage system is flooded. Using any kind of water application may result in overflow of sewage water into the basement. This is something you don’t want to happen ever!

Do not even think of entering into the basement foiled with water. There are probable chances of you getting electrocuted if any live wire is inside the water. If you want to enter and examine the damage, ensure that the mains are off and there is no electricity in the entire house.

The next best thing you could do is to call for professional help like Plumber Toronto. One can get the numbers of professional plumbers looking online or in telephone directories. Hope I was able to give out useful tips. I’ll keep you updated regarding more of such remedies in my coming blogs.